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Graphic Designing

June 19, 2009

What is graphic design?
Graphic design is a generic term for any visual communication creatively put forward through the medium of computers.

If you wish to propose an idea, or announce something to the public or amuse or persuade someone into something, or just demonstrated a process what do you do? You communicated your idea either by use of radio or a loudspeaker etc. That is termed as verbal communication. However if you use any visual medium to communicate your idea to your audience or the public, you make a poster; create a letter, logo, album cover, magazine advertisement or a simple computer printout. If you use any form of visual communication, the process of designing or creating of the end product is called graphic designing.

Random artwork of a creative graphic designer

Random artwork of a creative graphic designer

A graphic designer could be anybody who uses drawings, sketches, photographs, paintings, computer generated images, TV ads, ads in books, magazines, catalogues, brochures and on digital computer screens. Graphic designing is everywhere these days and constitutes a major part of one’s daily life. You come across loads and loads of graphic designing works. When you are stuck at a traffic jam and you look at a billboard put right across the street with an advertisement on it, which is an example of graphic designing. You come across pop-ups while surfing or browsing the internet, they are ads or digital banners which also are a form of graphic designing. Television commercials, advertisements that you see in a cinema hall, advertisements which you go through while reading a newspaper or a magazine, are all examples of graphic designing.

A Graphic Designer's image editing as to how Jenny Aniston would look if hse is plump

A Graphic Designer's image editing as to how Jenny Aniston would look if she is plump

Even a restaurant menu is an example of graphic designing. Many other examples of graphic designing work are magazine covers ,magazine layouts , tickets , signs , logos , book layouts , websites , CD covers , DVD , internet banners , flash banner s, web interfaces and even PowerPoint presentations. The list is endless. The T-shirt that you are wearing is also a graphic designer’s art work.

Although there are numerous types of graphic designing, the initial or basic type of graphic designing consists of four types of designing which are as follows:-
Image Based Design

A very funny photoshop work of Britney Spears.

A very funny photoshop work of Britney Spears.

Here the idea is conveyed entirely through images. Images serve as a powerful tool of communication and can communicate ideas in a compelling manner. The image based designing can consist of photographs, painting, drawing or sketches or graphically rendered images.

Type Based Design
In type based designing the graphic designers use words to convery their idea or message across. Usually copywriters or just writers write the message for them. What the graphic designer does is, to organize the text in the most attractive fashion or manner. It is done in such a manner so as to attract the attention of the viewer immediately. The designers choose the text size , style and colors etc.
Image and Type Based Design
This is a combination of both image and type based designers. There is a relevant image along with the text which together convey the idea, usually more precisely than the basic image and type designing. Usually the image is used to attract the attention first and then the text is used very creatively to convey the main message across.
Symbols and Logos
Symbols and logos are usually designed to identify or create an identity for a particular brand or idea. For example an apple logo denotes the Apple Corporation, M signifies McDonalds etc. While designing logos a graphic designer usually refers to the company vision or company’s products or ideas so that the logo delivers the message across efficiently and effectively.

So in conclusion Graphic Designing is a creative approach to put forward one’s idea or view to the rest of the world or a particularly chosen audience. Anybody with a flair for art, is good with computers can be a master at graphic designing. Graphic designing could also be a great career for creative minds as all it involves is putting forward of an idea in the most out of the box manner.

Graphic Designing is anything that conveys an idea or message across and gets the attention of the audience or viewer.