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SEO Tools

June 23, 2009

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.  Now what is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization is the art of directing more and more traffic to a website from a Search Engine’s result. For example, if a user goes to any search engine and types for a word say, dictionary, all links related to the word would show up in the search results. The ranking on the search engine result page is usually in terms of more word usage. Some search engines also take money from clients to put their website link ahead of others but the king of all search engines ‘Google’ does not comply with this . Google Corporation is strong to its beliefs since it first started and now has become the undisputed search engine used by most users. SEO is done to improve the quality of traffic or the volume of traffic manifold.

Keyword Calculator
The Keyword Calculator is an internet based software which basically tells as to which all terms are being used to search for a specific word. For example, if there are many users looking for a Kate Beckinsale on the World Wide Web; all the words that they would type in a search engine to look for Kate Beckinsale are said to be the keywords. A keyword calculator can calculate or determine all the keywords beforehand. They keywords in Kate Beckinsale case could be Underworld, Underworld actors, Click female actor etc.

Keyword Cloud Generator

An example of a keyword cloud.

An example of a keyword cloud.

Keyword Cloud generator is one of the most important tools used in Search Engine Optimization. Now what does the Keyword Cloud Generator do? A Keyword Cloud generator displays all the words in a webpage and displays them in a cloud like format according to the weightage of each word. The weightage is assigned by the frequency or density of the words in that given page. For example, if there are 5 different words on a webpage and one of them is repeated twice, then it would have weightage over the others and would be displayed above the others. This word cloud thus formed is very useful as it could be referred to while searching something on a webpage.

Meta-Tag Generator
Ever wondered what a Meta-tag is? Do not worry; a meta-tag is simply a generally brief description of your website and what the website has to offer. Most search engines also use these meta-tags as website’s brief description or snippets in the displayed results page. These meta-tags are a list or keywords usually up to a limit (70 characters in most search engines) that you can enter related to your website. For example, if your website sells several brands of jeans online, your meta-tag would contain keywords that are searched for in search engines like Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler etc. The meta-tag is usually the list of keywords that you can see on top of a site –window. Meta Tag generators if used properly can prove very useful for ensuring traffic to your website.

Alexa Traffic Rank

What is Alexa?
Alexa is a search engine and also provides Alexa Toolbar which is used by millions of users worldwide.
What is Traffic Rank?
The Alexa collects the browsing information of Alexa Toolbar users in accordance to a webpage’s reach and page views and allots a webpage a traffic rank. Reach of a webpage is expressed as the number of users per million who visit a given website. Assigning a traffic rank (traffic rank is also termed as the page rank) to a page usually takes a period of three months as the Alexa server collects historical traffic data from its large database of users in this duration of three months.

SEO tools let you get the page rank you always wanted.

SEO tools let you get the page rank you always wanted.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is a tool developed by the Google Corporation to place ads on websites according to the type of content the website has. Google AdSense could also be used for earning extra income by placing ads on your websites.

How can I earn through Google AdSense?
You put others advertisements on your websites and when people follow that link, you get paid for it. Usually these advertisers pay some amount to Google , and when there link is clicked Google shares an amount of that earning with the user on whose website the ad had been placed.