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Mozilla Firefox 3.5

July 1, 2009

Hope you are viewing this in a Mozilla Firefox browser and if you are not you have to update to the Firefox 3.5 browser. The wait is over; Mozilla has finally launched the much awaited Firefox 3.5 browser. Firefox is the world’s most favourite browser. The best part is that Firefox is free to use like all other browsers but it is also the most widely used open-source browser.

What is an open-source browser?

Open source program is a software program that is distributed freely and can be modified as per the user wants it to be. So what the Mozilla Firefox Company does is, distributes the source code of the Firefox browser to the public and people make slight changes to it , making the browser even better. This is one quality, which I really appreciated amongst the open source programs.
If you are using any other internet browser to surf the internet, you will regret not using the Firefox 3.5. If you are already using a previous version of Mozilla Firefox browser, then also you can consider updating the software to this latest version. The Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is the fastest browser in the world according to many experts and research websites.
This version of Mozilla Firefox has come out with several features that will definitely change your browsing experience. If you need to know why you need to update to this browser, the following is what you need to know.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Logo.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Logo.

Why should I use Firefox 3.5?

1.    Reopen Closed Window – You always wanted this feature, didn’t you?  What Firefox 3.5 does is it can undo the closed window command. After you have just crossed out the tab, and realized that you wanted that window to be open, with Firefox 3.5 you can always reopen that. All you have to do is press Ctrl+Shift+T. Another included sub feature being able to preserve the text written when the window was closed. For say you were typing an email and accidently closed the window , usually you would have to type it all over again , (unless of course it had been saved in the drafts) but with Firefox 3.5 , even the text is resurrected. Cool?

2.    Play with Tabs- Apple Safari and Google Chrome had integrated this feature long before Firefox did. But with Firefox 3.5 you can easily drag any tab out of the window, put it back in. You can also right click and do that.

3.    Keyword Filter – The Firefox 3’s had the AwesomeBar (address bar) which offered a speed list of suggestions to complete what you were typing usually from your page history, bookmarks and tags. But what if you do not want so much of clutter? With Firefox 3.5 you can filter out any search you want. Type, “Microsoft*” for any of your bookmarks related to Microsoft or the word.

4.    Session Restore – Firefox developers took the session restore feature earlier and modified it to be a crash recovery tool, so now you can select which tabs you want to come back just in case you think of these websites made your browser crash. At the time you want to recover, the browser flashes the one which made Firefox crash. Simple?

5.    Private Browsing Mode- Google Chrome calls it the Incognito browsing, Internet Explorer 8 calls it the InPrivate Browsing but Firefox 3.5 chose to call simply the Private Browsing Mode. This not just for frantic “porn mode” users but also for making the browsing safer and secure. By Private Mode you can anonymize your searches and pay bills, and do sensitive research more securely.

6.    TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine- Several months ago when Firefox 3 was running on the SpiderMonkey engine, Mozilla was developing a new JavaScript engine which it mentioned being 50% faster than the earlier engine. The engine is called the TraceMonkey and is not out and is 200% faster than the SpiderMonkey JavaScript Engine.

The Mozilla Firefox 3.5 has given surfing the internet a new meaning. People and fans are still wondering how the next version is going to be? Will it deliver an email before you even begin to type it?