Website Designing

May 11, 2009

What is Website Designing?

Designing a web site can be defined as the creation and arrangement of web pages that together make a website. The information display is the purpose for which a website is developed and this information is contained in the web page. A number of web pages constitute a web site. A book can be compared to a website and each of its pages, a webpage.

The Website Design

Due to the fast growing internet, various new facets add to the technique of website designing. The aim behind website designing may vary with the estimated response and exposure. Some of the common aspects of designing a website are:
•    The content: The information and the substance in the site should be meaningful and should attract the viewers that the website is bothered with.
•     The usability: it should contain data that is usable for viewers, i.e., the site needs to be user-friendly, with the reliable links that are steering simple.
•    The appearance: the text and the graphics enclosed should cover a writing style that follows throughout the site to appear as consistent. It should be relevant, professional and appeal to the viewer.
•    The visibility: it should also be in the list of easily viewed sites which are easy to find on the advertisement media and the major search engines.
Languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML and many others are used for creating a web design. Web design is a combination of striking texture, vibrant colors, lines and shapes for the creation of excellent looks.

Principles of Web Designing

Behind every good task, there are some principles involved, similarly behind web designing there are certain principles involved and they make the design look better and attractive if followed wisely. Some principles that form the foundation of web designing are:  Website layout and design, Designing Website color, Navigation throughout the website, Fonts and Typography in Web design.

The Layout

The layout of a website is something that holds the maximum weight age to attract the viewers. If the layout of a website is beautiful enough, it will attract customers at the first go, if not, it won’t work.
The layout of a website includes a cascading style sheet layout templates-XHTML and HTML+CSS Layouts and the web site templates.

Designing with Color

An excellent method to improve a Web design is to choose an impressive color for the layout. Color on the Web is an excellent. One should know how to use the right colors at right places for the success of a website. The color selection may involve the color charts, color theory, color converters, color glossary and color palettes.


Placing a brilliant navigation on a web site lets a viewer to easily access all the hyperlinks placed inside a web site and find their way around. Some links and articles will work as a driving force behind the success of a website.


While completing the design of a web page, using a right font will add to the  number of viewers on your website. The preferred fonts are expected to be very easily understandable and suitable fonts. This is how fonts reflect to a website.

Information Architecture

To describe and classify information that needs to be placed on a website, a procedure named information architecture is important. It is often utilized to plan the navigation and structure of a complete set. The taxonomy of a web site is a simpler facet of a website. It adds to plan and maintain the structure of a website. A simplified view of information architecture is the taxonomy of a Web site. Information architects help plan and maintain the structure of a Web site.


Inventive Devices and Design

May 11, 2009

It was stated by Steve Jobs once that the “design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Even though this statement is justified, it shouldn’t be misinterpreted by laying emphasis on the functionality in spite of its design. As a matter of fact, when it is about a specific design, the importance of the aesthetics of a device, the way its design feels and looks, establishes the customer’s choice while the functionalities and features of the device are more or less the same. If it is tested well, and supported by a sound user, and has a clean and hassle free implementation, innovative solutions for design can tremendously change the user experience for good.
Take a look at some creatively invented futuristic gadgets, designs, devices and concepts. Until plainly mentioned, not even a single of these mind juggling concepts is lately being designed. None of them is available for end-users which is why neither the price nor links to the stores are mentioned.

Apple Remote Control from Sony

Apparently, there is a place for innovation when it comes to design of devices. This Sony’s”apple” makes the users to achieve basic functions like changing volume, channels, etc with plain gestures for motion. The remote control is being charged once “apples” are placed on the bowl.

Optimus Tactus & Optimus Maximus
An unusual approach for a traditional input device is being offered by Optimus Keyboards of Artemy Lebedev. A small Organic display key is inserted underneath every key and is termed as OLED-display (Organic Display). It is meant to allow users to trace the displayed characters and the functionality of the keys manually. In short the tracing of keyboard labels can be done very easily with Optimus and can be varied at any point of time.
Optimus Tactus is designed in such a way that physical keys are not absent, that plainly explains that there are no limits to the innovative shapes and size. Any part of the surface of the keyboard can be programmed for performing any function or displaying any images.

Every key out of the set of 113 keys is a stand-alone display that demonstrates the function assigned to it.
Layout of Optimus permits an easy use of various languages — Ancient Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Georgian, hiragana, etc. – as well as of any character sets: numerals, notes, special symbols, math functions, HTML codes, and so on to infinity.

Toast Messenger
Toast Messenger includes a very small message plate where one can write quick messages or notes and then have them printed on the toaster instantly. This simple yet innovative design gets your morning going with a special toast with a message printed on it for your loved ones or for that matter, yourself.TM
This toaster makes the message get “toasted” into the toast itself so it gives new meaning to “read while you eat”.

Bonus: “sQuba” Diving Car
It is the first real diving car invented and designed to automatically turn into an amphibious car at the press of a button. Rinspeed’s sQuba Diving car— can submerge up to 10m (33ft) under water.” All this and more powered by an electric motor attached to the rear wheels.

The momentum on the water is guaranteed by two propellers in a rigorous manner and two influential jet drives in the stoop to propel the vehicle inside water. The body is built from light weight elements mad of Carbon Nano Tubes and comprises of an on-board air-filling system.Car

If you have Apple media devices, iRing is the device for you to control playback for your Apple devices. It is shaped as a simple ring that can fit on a finger. It possesses a wireless Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone and iPod. It has features of a bright OLED status display with a rechargeable battery life up to 2 days, and a strip that is sensitive to the strip.iRing


March 6, 2009

When was the last time you browsed a website that made you so curious that you got tempted to look for the “Contact Us” option? Or perhaps a few details of a product? You might have noticed that almost 95% of all websites look similar and it’s difficult to tell one from another. Such websites are being created everyday with a poor navigation system. People who surf get used to this system over a period of time and get frustrated often when they fail to find suitable results.
Today if an organization wants to promote its products or services to the world, all it needs to do is to have an optimized website. The most important thing for you to attract a large number of visitors and to take your business to a new height is to increase the rankings of your website on the initial pages of a widely used search engine. For higher rankings of a website, it needs to be attractive and resourceful. This completely depends on the design and arrangement of its data. This is where optimization of the website comes into picture.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
For improving and developing a website’s structure that includes its link building, process content, titles, META and other elements to increase the quality traffic is a process called SEO.


Some believed that SEO is an unfair or unethical practice, a “dark-art” whose aim is to capture the best search results available (possessing the highest rank) and so for the benefit of the so called “dark-artists”.  While, others believed that SEO success is directly proportional to one’s pure luck. However, both the beliefs and assumptions are incorrect.

The   key of a SEO process is to make a website which is search engine friendly. Successful SEO process  rewards  your  website  with  increased  quality  traffic  generated by the organic search results in the widely used  Search Engines such as MSN, Google, and  Yahoo. The visitors that are interested in looking for some useful information or data on your website are referred to as “Quality” traffic. Attracting   your target visitors successfully to your website is like generating quality traffic.
Since, the significance of SEO content has become the most talked about subject amongst the content writers to drive more and more traffic to your site, the biggest achievement lies in creating such desired content. To start, the most important aspect is to search for keywords and find out the ones that are most appropriate for your business. For this, the Google Ad Words may be used. All that you need to do is type in your site theme as a keyword and find some related words. A lot of options pop up. Amongst them you need to compare the kind of traffic .Once you have obtained a list of around 5 keywords, form headers for your content.  Also, keep in mind that these may be used as tags on different columns of your site if they are appropriate.


There is countless number of tools that SEO has to offer. Out of them the following are the most widely used and the most productive SEO tools:
 Page  Comparison
 Page Look Up
 Meta Analyzer
 Page Rank Search
 Google Search
 Google vs Yahoo
 Keyword Density.


To achieve a massive growth rate and to be successful, you need to work on Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engine marketing is as complex as traditional marketing. In this age of cut throat competition, having a good website is not just enough to serve your purpose efficiently. It is important that your website comes on the first page of search engines to enhance your business.