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Link Building

May 13, 2009

What is Link Building? How can it be useful????  Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization is considered as one of the most essential part of the internet marketing, due to several reasons that it justifies. It is an extremely supportive source of promoting the websites and making them more search engine friendly.  Link Building plays an exceedingly significant task in the search engine optimization.  It is a procedure in which we create inbound links to the website that is to be optimized.  It is generally said that Link Building is amongst the best option to make your website popular. Link building is useful in obtaining traffic that is helpful in increasing the business. When the incoming links are of excellent quality, it makes a website valuable and assists in getting a good ranking from the search engines. Link building targets at getting higher rankings generating or building traffic.

Besides Search Engine Optimization, Link Building is also done for “Direct Click”, which also gets paid for. Links are essential for all the websites and thus it has become a great source of income too. Although, Link Building seems to be a simple task, but it is not that easy when it comes to attracting the traffic and obtaining page ranks. Research is an important feature of Link Building; we cannot utilize every link for the purpose of SEO.  The links that we use should be completely analyzed and should be informative, educational and should have good image, as it directly has an effect on our Website. Thus it can be said that Link Building is all about enhancing the page rank of the websites, it is not about dispensing as many links as you can and forming a link directory.

Link Building generally can be of three types: One Way, Three Way and Reciprocal. One way link building is although tough to create than the other types of link building but, it is the best option and secures long term search engine ranking results. In this process, we try to get links to our own website from some other websites in the same business. We can create blogs, articles, e-books, FAQ’s etc and then link them with the related website. These blogs, articles and the other content helps in attracting the traffic which can eventually help you to increase your page rank.  Before linking your website you should always check the validity and authenticity of the links and assure that they are as simple as they can be.
In Reciprocal link building we exchange links between the websites. It was one of the most beneficial SEO techniques but now it is not approved by several search engines such as Google. Hence Reciprocal link building is considered ineffective these days.  A successful Link Building can create awareness and gains reliability for a website.

Essentials of Link Building:

  • Avoid the Redirected links. The links that redirect to the page of another site first before directing to your site is a   redirected link. We should avoid such links as there is no weight given to these links by the search engines.
  • Dynamic Links and Java Script links should not be used as they cannot be read by most of the search engines.
  • Relevant Pages: The keywords used or the links and pages on your website should never be irrelevant.
  • Quantity of links on the linking page: The credibility that the website gets by linking a page is equivalent to the total ranking of that page divided by the number of outgoing links. Thus while linking a page you should always refer to the number of outgoing links it has.
  • Page Rank of the Linking page is the most influential factor of Link building. The more is the page rank, the more is the benefit that you can get.

Thus, it can be said that in today’s competitive environment, where everyone is striving to perform better and obtain better rankings for its website than the other person, Link building is one of the most important tools in SEO that can help you to get excellent page rankings for your website.