Tech Monsters Against Google

The three most significant giants of technology – Yahoo, Amazon and Microsoft are joining hands against Google. The trio decides to fight against the attempt of creating world’s biggest virtual library. Soon the trio will sign the Open Book Alliance lead by the internet archive. The Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon are against the legal settlement which if accepted will make Google the chief source for several works online. They feel that the deal will cause exploitation of the books from the 20th century. Google on the other hands is working hard to create a monopoly of library system. It comments that if the deal is finalized then it can surely bring lucrative benefits to the authors. If this deal is finalized then Google will be the only virtual library. Google already made the Book Rights Registry last year. The right to digitize the works of orphan will also be given to Google. The decision on the deal will be taken in the month of October. As per the critics the settlement of the deal will eventually transform the book industry’s future.



As the deadline for the decision is approaching, the number of organizations opposing the settlement in growing at a great pace. Yahoo and Microsoft have confirmed their participation in the alliance whereas Amazon is yet to decide for it. Google stated that the books settlement will increase the competition in the field of the digital books and thus, its competitors are fighting hard to avoid this competition. Despite of so much criticism there are people who feel that there is not much to worry about even if the settlement is done.

Microsoft and Yahoo Against Google

Microsoft and Yahoo Against Google

Michelle Richmond – the author of “The Year of Fog” is one of them. He says this settlement will give a greater access to the work of the authors.


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