How to earn through Blogging?

Follow the following steps as how to earn through blogging and get some extra cash. By this statement we do not quite say that you would become a millionaire overnight but then you will surely earn some extra money if you follow these steps religiously. That is something we guarantee you that. Also earning through blogging is quite time consuming, and it is not necessary that you will start earning as soon as you register with a blog site. It takes some time, usually one year, which may in many cases be extended to 2 years. So if you already have a blog and were unaware of the fact that you could very well be earning by blogging, this is for you too. So, let the games begin?

Step 1

Yes, believe it, its possible to earn through blogs. All you have to do it get register yourself on any of these websites, namely , WordPress, Blogger, Twitter , Facebook etc. Basically to start with all you need is a blog, be it any blogging site. The above mentioned websites offer free blogging services so you do not have to pay a penny. Done that? Okay go on read ahead.

Wordpress Logo

Wordpress Logo

Step 2
Now that you have created a blog, get to writing. Take this as a suggestion, write your blog daily, and use only original content.

Step 3
The step number three might be lucky for you if you are in any some other country than India or China. As soon as you write something down you can set up an account with, Google AdSense and register your blog with your Google AdSense account. While you are at this, it might take some time; usually it takes 1-2 days. When you register with Google AdSense and you link your blog, you should make sure whatever you have written on your blog is original and has not been copy pasted from anywhere. If you do that, Google spiders or bots (automated programs) will scan through your blog, and you would be reported spam. So no earning money that way! Be original and make sure others too, do not copy off your blog. If you are in India or China , you unfortunately would have to wait for 6 months according to the Google AdSense Policy. They report that they monitor blogs over a period of 6 months, and only then can people of India or China register to earn through Google AdSense.

Blogger Logo

Blogger Logo

Step 4
If Google AdSense approves your blog, consider yourself lucky. Now go to your blog and you will find advertisements that Google automatically places on your blog. Usually these advertisements are related to the content on your blog. For example, if you are a tennis fanatic and you write on your blog about Tennis equipments, then Google AdSense would place ads related to Tennis Equipments. Google is smart; do not we all know that? These advertisements are your source of income. Whenever anybody clicks on those ads, you will get paid a specific amount, which will get collected in your account. As soon as the amount reaches a limit for say $500 dollars (this is just an example) it would be sent to the mailing address you had provided at the time of registration with Google AdSense.

GoogleAdSense Logo.

GoogleAdSense Logo.

Step 5
Make sure that you do not click the advertisements on your blog yourself. Google is smart, remember? They keep tracing IP addresses of whoever clicks on the advertisements. So if they find you “cheating”, your account will be blocked. Another trick which the so called smart people use is asking their friends to click these advertisements or click advertisements on blogs from different computers. Google AdSense is constantly keeping all this under control and, they usually block those IP addresses if more than 4-5 clicks are found from the same IP address.

We hope you earn by following these steps. Also keep these points in your head while blogging:-
•    Write on current or the most happening events, so that more people come to your blog
•    Do not click the advertisements yourself
•    And the day when you get your first check from Google Inc. do not forget to thank us


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  1. chaitanya ,hyd Says:

    dear all,

    thank you for your valuable information about blogging and very helpful ideas given for new biginners.

    thank you for your suggestions.

    chaitanya akula

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